Thursday, 16 September 2010

Update - Working on Assignment 2

Just an update on where I am at the moment; I am now working on the images for Assignment 2. I have reviewed the course notes to further clarify the brief and allow me to think through some ideas.

Already I have thrown away a few ideas as they have not worked out in reality, epsecially when small items that I had not considered throw the whole composition off.

Things I have learned so far

  • Don't Panic - keep looking and thinking. If an idea does not work, can the idea or composition be reworked to make it better suit another part of the brief.
  • Don't be satisfied with the first shot - I have started to examine the compositon before and after taking the image, as there may be a better way to present the subject or there may be a small item which pulls the eye away.
  • Prepare and adapt - keep working the idea, work slowly, confidently and (again) do not be satisfied until the image is captured in the camera.
  • Tripods and other equipment are just tools, not a sign of weakness in composition.

This has been good fun, so far and I am enjoying the challenge of creating the images and working through ideas.

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