Sunday, 12 September 2010

Exercise 23

What: The brief of this exercise was to examine the world around us and produce a pair of images which demonstrate the principals of rhythm and pattern.
Where: Various Locations near a local coal fired power station
When: On afternoon in dull overcast weather.
How: First of all I had to read the text a couple of times to fully understand the difference in the principles between rhythm and pattern.

As I can understand it rhythm is where the image contains a form of movement within the image and pattern is where the image is more static and does not contain much movement.

I had a good think about the brief of this exercise and thought about differing styles including macro photography both in the house and outside. However I decided on photographing outside and went to a location that I knew near by, which was a local coal fired power station. I knew that I would find a location within this area which would be suitable for at least one of the two requirements of the brief.


I was looking for a strong image for this exercise; I looked for something which was both unusual and eye-catching. At first I wanted to use the repetitive design of the stations glass front, however once I was set up and looking at the building that I found that the composition did not work. I then walked around the entire station to see if I could find a better composition. It was during this walk down that I spotted the stairway going down the side of building. It had lots of repeating features and was while looking through the viewfinder that I found that I was happy with the composition.

It was not until I was back at the PC that I realised that there were a couple of men working on the floors almost at same distance apart from the stair railings. I also liked the repetition of the lights, the doors, the windows and the actual shape produced by the corrugated material making up the building.
I think this is quite strong for rhythm as the rhythm goes in both directions, both across the image as well as down the image. The men working on the floor help to establish the scale of the area.

I did crop the image down slightly to better establish the framing and composition of the image as there was a small imperfection at the top and bottom which took the eye away from the rhythm of the image.

D80,Aperture f/16, Shutter Speed 1/80 sec, ISO 640, 270mm (35mm equivalent 405mm), Pattern Metering Mode, Auto White Balance, Aperture Priority, Hand Held, VR lens.

repetition - slight crop


I was thinking about using rain drops on a window for this image but it did not rain at a convenient time for me to establish a good quality shot. I also spotted a pattern in birds flying above fields being harvested, but in this case I was on a motorway and could not stop, plus I did not have my camera!!

In the end I decided to produce two images which convey pattern. I’m not sure about the first image as I am not sure that it the boundaries are good enough to convey pattern as they have a small hole which drags the eye off to the bottom left.

D80,Aperture f/4.5, Shutter Speed 1/640 sec, ISO 640, 92mm (35mm equivalent 138mm), Pattern Metering Mode, Auto White Balance, Aperture Priority, Hand Held, VR lens.


When I started to think about this exercise I was set against photographing a brick wall, I thought that it would be a bit of a cop out. However when I saw this wall I decided to sit down and have a look at it before I disregarded it. I was looking through the viewfinder and I experimented with this brick pattern; I used different distance and framing before deciding on this tight close up of the bricks. I like the fact that there is a small differing pattern running through this image on the small end of the bricks. I also like the different colours of the bricks.
This is actually a brick bench and windbreak built on the hill beside the power station probably at the time the station was built unfortunately it has seen better days.

D80,Aperture f/7.1, Shutter Speed 1/400 sec, ISO 640, 185mm (35mm equivalent 277mm), Pattern Metering Mode, Auto White Balance, Aperture Priority, Hand Held, VR lens.

pattern - bricks

This part of the course has been very interesting as I started to see these elements of design all over the place. It has also helped me examine other photographers and artists work and has allowed me to see the same principals in their work. In some cases it has allowed me to understand better what I like about the image. Again this exercise has reinforced the principles of composition and design.

Now I have to produce the images for Assignment 2.

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