Sunday, 9 May 2010

Exercise 16

What: The brief of this exercise was to find at least two normally occurring situations where would be two isolated objects within the frame.
Where: East of Dunbar
When: Just after 16:00
How: I looked around quite hard to find a naturally occurring situation where there would be two isolated objects within the frame. Between the weather and the lack of naturally occurring objects of this type made the brief of this example quite hard. In the end I had to fudge it a bit to get the situations, but at least I found that the two objects in the same frame causes some form of interaction or imbalance.

In this first photograph of two clay ovens, the larger opening of the two is the first thing I noticed, but I then find that my eye is quickly drawn away to the smaller object and then back and forth between the two objects. Having both of the objects within the frame causes an imbalance in the composition, which could be used to emphasis one of the two objects within a frame.
In this image the smaller oven is the stronger more dominant subjects in the frame due to its shape and position within the frame.

f9 1/250 ISO 160 24mm (35mm equivalent 36mm) Pattern Metering Mode, Auto White Balance. Hand held.

Pair of ovens

Pair of ovens - arrow

In the second image, the objects are further apart, but the use of a telephoto lens has flattened the perspective. The lifeboat is the main focal point of the object within the frame due to its bright colours and its position within the frame. The second object in the frame is the large concrete structure which is in the foreground of the frame. Although the structure is the foreground and the eye is drawn to it first, the positioning and colouring of the lifeboat make it a stronger object within the frame.
I do feel that the waves within the frame are a slight distraction but provide a line leading into the frame.

f9 1/250 ISO 160 270mm (35mm equivalent 405mm) Pattern Metering Mode, Auto White Balance. Hand held.

Pillar and Boat

Pillar and Boat - arrow

The last image is a bit of a fudge, as the two objects are split from each other by a clearly defined line of sea. However the two subjects, the houses are the main objects within the frame and again I feel my eye being drawn away from the background and the small lighthouse to the stronger subject of the house which is positioned in the bottom fifth of the frame. Even with the other smaller objects within the frame, the house is still the strongest object within the frame.

f4.8 1/800 ISO 160 116mm (35mm equivalent 174mm) Pattern Metering Mode, Auto White Balance. Hand held.

House and Iighthouse

House and Iighthouse - arrow

This exercise has been quite interesting as I have found that I can again force the perspective and emphasis of a subject within a frame by positioning it and by positioning other objects within the frame to allow the eye to move around and also to make the “main” subject stronger.

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