Saturday, 20 March 2010


Today and on Wednesday I have been down at Aberlady Nature Reserve attempting to walk a little further than currently. While down there I carried my camera just in case I saw something that I could photograph. Much to my surprise I noticed a few birds of prey (which I missed!) and some deer and some frogs. I managed to slowly walk towards the deer and I was very excited to see that they did not move; I managed to get to one of the pre-war concrete anti tank blocks and photograph a male and 3 female deer eating together. This has renewed my excitement in photography as I watched them move in my viewfinder.
I also spent some time photographing the frogs as they wandered the dirt path looking for mates. Next time I go I plan to take a macro lens as I find the eyes of the frogs an interesting subject.

This whole episode has allowed me to review my thinking regarding the upcoming assignment and has given me a few new ideas and it has invigorated and excited me about photography again.

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