Thursday, 25 February 2010

Exercise 6

What:The brief of this exercise was to experiment with fitting the frame to the subject by taking four photographs from different positions so that the subject fitting tightly in the frame, so that a small part of it can be seen, one where the subject only fills a quarter of the frame and one "snaphot" to use as a baseline.
Where: Within the grounds of a church in East Linton
When: Just after 10' O'clock. The weather was dry but cold with a bright low sun and scattered clouds
How: The first photograph was the baseline photo, and it was taken as I walked up the church path. I did not really think too much about framing or exposure I just lifted the camera up to my eye and took the photograph.

f/11 1/80 ISO 100 - Sunshine White Balance

The second photograph was taken from a different position where I could examine the building and fit all of it into the frame as tightly as possible.
f/11 1/125 ISO 100

The third photograph of the stain glass widow was taken just standign in front of it. I had a choice between the windows, the door or the victorian door hindges, but I settled on the window as I was able to frame it better in the viewfinder.

f/11 1/200 ISO 100 - Centre Weighted Metering of the light

The fourth photograph was taken in a position away from the church where I was able to fit it into only a quarter of the frame. I think I may have overdone it as it fits in less than a quarter of the frame.
f4.5 1/500 ISO 100

Very quickly on this exercise I learned about using the focus points on the camera viewfinder to help in the composition of a photograph. It came in handy in trying to fit something into a quarter of the frame as I was able to use the focus points as a horizonal and vertical guide in dividing up the frame.
This is probably the first time that I have ever done this, and the lesson here is really about concentrating on using the camera viewfinder to properly compose a photograph rather than bash off dozens of photographs and then look for a good one.

Looking back at the photographs, I am the most unhappiest with the first and the last photographs. The last one also looks a bit rushed and not composed well, I experimented with cropping some of the photographs on the computer and these crops at least makes it look a little better composed I feel.

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