Sunday, 18 September 2011

Exercise 44 – Evidence of Action

What: The brief of this exercise was to show the command of illustration by producing an image where something has happened. I took the exercise suggestion of something which had been emptied.
Where: In the house
When: During the afternoon
How: First of all I had to do was to jot down some ideas; at first I had been struck by the exercise suggestion of showing something which was broken, but after looking at what I had to hand which was just glasses and bowls, I could not come up with a good composition which I liked. It was while sitting at a friend’s 40th party that I observed someone clearing up a stack of empty beer bottles, I then re-examined the course notes and decided to change to the example of showing something as being emptied.

Since I do not drink beer and I was not going to procure a dozen bottles to pour down the sink, I examined a cupboard in the house where I stick empty bottles until we have enough to take to the bottle bank. In there were a couple of empty bourbon bottles including one limited edition bottle.

I remembered that the notes had mentioned advertising as an example of dealing with abstract ideas and I decided that I wanted to produce a single image showing several empty bottles of bourbon.

I then setup a light tent, correctly this time around, and after sorting out the background I experimented with different light setups until I got the shot that I wanted.
D80,Aperture f/4.8, Shutter Speed 1/60 sec, ISO 640, 48mm (35mm equivalent 72mm),Pattern Weight Metering Mode, Flash White Balance, Tripod Mounted, 18-70mm lens


What I learned

I learned from this exercise that is can take some experimentation and practice to demonstrate abstract ideas through illustration; however once the concept has been developed and it can be demonstrated.
I was unfamiliar with the concept of using illustration of portraying ideas, but I now understand the concept and also the concept of symbolism and the requirement to find the right symbol for the illustration of a subject or idea.

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